NJASK 6-Point Writing Rubric

6-point writings can come in a variety of styles, but you should generally be trying to fill at least one page - think 5-paragraph essay or short story. 

Your 6-point writing prompt will be either an "Author and Me" or "On My Own" question.

Notice that the categories being checked are almost identical to the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing.  Click on specific sections for more information.

Language Arts Literacy
New Jersey Holistic Scoring Rubric
In scoring, consider the grid of written language Inadequate Command Limited Command Partial Command Adequate Command Strong Command Superior Command
Score 1 2 3 4 5 6
Content & Organization May lack opening and/or closing May lack opening and/or closing May lack opening and/or closing Generally has opening and/or closing Opening and closing Opening and closing
Minimal response to topic; uncertain focus Attempts to focus Usually has single focus Single focus Single focus Single, distinct focus evident throughout
May drift or shift focus Sense of unity and coherence Unified and coherent
Key ideas developed Well-developed
No planning evident; disorganized Attempts organization Some lapses or flaws in organization Ideas loosely connected Logical progression of ideas Logical progression of ideas
Few, if any, transitions between ideas May lack some transitions between ideas Transitions evident Moderately fluent Fluent, coherent
Attempts sustained, identifiable compositional risks Sustained, identifiable compositional risks successful
Details random, inappropriate, or barely apparent Details lack elaboration that could highlight paper Repetitious details Uneven development of details Details appropriate and varied Details effective, vivid, explicit, and/or pertinent
Several unelaborated details
Usage No apparent control Numerous errors Errors/patterns of errors may be evident Some errors that do not interfere with meaning Few errors Very few, if any, errors
Severe/numerous errors
Sentence Construction Assortment of incomplete and/or incorrect sentences Excessive monotony/same structure Little variety in syntax Some errors that do not interfere with meaning Few errors Very few, if any, errors
Numerous errors Some errors
Mechanics Errors so severe they detract from meaning Numerous serious errors Patterns of errors evident No consistent pattern of errors Few errors Very few, if any, errors
Some errors that do not interfere with meaning
Nonscorable Responses NR = No Response Student wrote too little to allow reliable judgment of his/her writing
OT = Off Topic/Off Task Student did not write on the assigned topic/task, or the student attempted to copy the prompt
NE = Not English Student wrote in a language other than English
WF = Wrong Format Student refused to write on the topic, or the writing task folder was left blank