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Staff Members

Director of Special Services

  • Meryl Gill

Supervisor of Special Services



  • Tara Lagana, Confidential Secretary to Director of Special Services
  • Janice Petretti, Confidential Secretary To The Director Of Special Services For Child Study Team Activities

Learning Consultants

  • Jennifer Carducci
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  • Anne Dengler
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  • Cheryl Marzigliano
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  • Jaclyn Cameron


  • Mallory Bartlett
  • Suzanne McDevitt
  • Carol Galiano
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  • Elizabeth Tapper

Social Workers

  • Laura Oldenski

Speech Specialists

  • Erin Gaffney
  • Voula Constantarakos
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  • Lisa Buerck

Student Assistant Counselor

  • Cathleen Moran-Kudisch
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Occupational Therapist

  • Elizabeth Abadiotakis
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Physical Therapist

  • Daniel Steinhauser

Orientation and Mobility

  • Mike Welter

District Behaviorist

District Social Skills Facilitator

  • Mary Glennon

Assistive Technology

Transition Coordinator