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Holmdel Township Schools


Teri Peterson
Transportation Coordinator

Our mission is to provide the families of Holmdel with, safe, secure, & efficient transportation services.

The best way to reach us is listed below. Keep in mind in the first weeks of school call volume is high. Email will be the best way to get a fast response.

If you are looking for information about your child's bus route the best contact is the contractor handling your childs route first.

You can e-mail us at
You can phone me at 732-946-1847
You can fax me at 732-946-0171

If there is an emergency before 7 am or after 5 pm, please call 732-832-1276

News and Notices

Dear Parent/Guardian,

An alternate transportation request process has been put into place to ensure the safety and security of our youngest children. Children at Indian Hill and Village School may not ride the bus of a friend or family member for any reason. Parents who have child care needs may request a change in their home to school transportation by filling out the form below.

Requests will be reviewed by the transportation coordinator. If honored you will be notified within the allotted time.

Please review the attached form in its entirety. Pick up and drop off must be 5 days a week from the same location with the exception of KA and KP students.

No changes will be made in the first two weeks of school or the last two weeks of school or on half day dismissals to transportation. It is imperative that all child care arrangements are made when possible by August 1 of the school year of which you are entering in order to guarantee placement for the first day of school.

A new application must be filled out annually. Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated. This process helps to ensure the safety and security of our students.

Alternate Bus Stop Request Form

Late Bus Information

As a courtesy to our students 4 late bus routes are provided for SATZ and High School students. These buses depart the High School on available afternoons at 4:15 PM. These buses consolidate our large district of 20 high school buses into 4 routes therefore your stop may be located a distance away from where your normal home to school stop is located. Please use the PDF Charts marked late runs to see which route services the area closest to your home. That will be the late bus route you are assigned. If you feel that none of these routes service your area please contact the transportation department.

About Our Contractors

Holmdel Township Board of Education coordinates busing for all public and private school students in the district. Our busing service is contracted through 3 main contractors R. Helfrich, Michael Loori, and Keyport Auto(Shamrock). MOESC-Monmouth Ocean Educational Service Commission, also works with Holmdel to coordinate some of our out of district busing.

  • R. Helfrich and Sons
    R. Helfrich and Sons is a family owned transportation company that has been in business for 81 years. This company has a safe record of transporting students with Holmdel Board of Education for approximately 20 years. You can contact Helfrich dispatchers Zack or Rosario at 732-787-0003.
  • Keyport Auto- Shamrock
    Keyport Auto has been in business for 35 years. They are located at 347 Main Street Keansburg NJ. Keyport Auto has safely been transporting students in Holmdel for approximately 10 years. If you wish to reach Keyport Auto you can call Gloria-dispatcher or Linda contract manager at 732-787-1113.
  • Michael Loori Bus
    Michael Loori bus is a family owned company that has been in business for 28 years. This company has safely been transporting students for Holmdel for approximately 20 years. Loori Bus is located at 130 Hwy 36 Middletown NJ. If you need to reach Loori bus for any reason you can contact Shelly- Contract Manager, Sam- Transp. Coordinator, or Tony- Dispatcher at 732-787-7935.
    MOESC is the Coordinating Transportation Services Agency (CTSA) for both Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Chapter 53, P.L 1997 mandates that school districts participate with their local CTSA in order to coordinate the transportation of special education, nonpublic and vocational school students whenever feasible. As such, your resident board of education has elected to utilize our services to design and coordinate route to your child(ren)’s school of attendance. Below is the link to their website which will include phone numbers to all contractors used by their service.