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  • DISTRICT GOALS 2017-2018


Student Achievement

To build equity to maximize the potential of every student, the district will:

  • Use data informed and research based systems that support the differentiation of instruction for all students;
  • Develop plans to maximize learning time across content areas;
  • Determine appropriate class enrollments in Grades K-8 to support learning environments that maximize student achievement;
  • Enhance learning-focused communication among and between grade level staff, schools and disciplines;
  • Conduct a K-12 assessment of the Gifted and Talented program;
  • Conduct a Kindergarten program assessment to develop a data-informed full-day kindergarten program;
  • Provide opportunities for teachers and administrators to build professional capacity to enhance student achievement and equity.

Character Education

To support the social, emotional and intellectual well-being of all students, and to develop and sustain safe and welcoming schools for all students, the district will:

  • Conduct a school climate and culture survey for parents, students and staff;
  • Review climate and culture survey data to identify triggers of stress and anxiety among students;
  • Evaluate current character education programs and initiatives including anti-bullying efforts;
  • Implement a suicide prevention program;
  • Gather and analyze data regarding student connectivity to school, sense of belonging and school pride; and
  • Provide professional opportunities for teachers and administrators to develop strategies related to the practices of mindfulness and/or other strategies to address student needs.

Future Ready Schools

To ensure that all students are provided with the technology-rich environments they need in order to be engaged and successful members of a digital society and workforce, the district will conduct a self-assessment of our district’s qualifications in the following areas in order to obtain Future Ready Schools state certification: Leadership, Education and Classroom Practices, and Technology Support and Services

Holmdel 2020 Initiative

To develop the facilities necessary to continue to provide all students with superior programs in academics, athletics and the arts, the district will:

  • Educate the public regarding the need for the referendum to make effective investments in the District’s infrastructure;
  • Establish a schedule of print and in-person opportunities for the community to learn about the Referendum;
  • Work with the district Bond Counsel and Architect with regard to the bond sale and transition into the construction phase upon the passing of the referendum; and,
  • Create and maintain a Holmdel 2020 Website with pre-referendum and post-referendum updates.

Community News

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