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Central Office


Dr. Lee Seitz, Interim Superintendent of Schools

Michael Petrizzo, CPA, Business Administrator/Board Secretary

Jeffrey Charney, Interim Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

Elena Jaume, Human Resource Manager

Frances Stromsland, Interim Director of Special Services

Anthony Gattini, Director of Technology

Kenneth Stromsland, Director of Plant, Operations and Maintenance

Jessica DeWysockie, Assistant Business Administrator/Board Secretary

Lara Carducci, Director of Community Programs and Student Transportation

Secretarial and Support Staff


Marie Deane, Executive Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools

Patricia Dasaro, Secretary to the Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Nicole Meiley, Confidential Secretary, Human Resources

Theresa Zacharewich, Executive Secretary, Business Administrator/Board Secretary

Marsha Acquaviva, Bookkeeper, Payroll

Janis Manney, Coordinator of Purchasing

, Staff Accountant