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Holmdel Township Schools

Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

District Statement

As per our mission statement, we are committed to establishing a "caring educational environment." We strive for all of our schools to be safe, inclusive, and nurturing environments.

The Holmdel Township Schools, as stated in Policy 5512, forbids all forms of harassment, intimidation, and bullying, and is committed to fostering a learning environments in which students feel valued, secure, and safe. The creation of such an environment involves cooperation and dedication among staff, parents, and students. It is essential to mission.

Staff Contacts

Eric Swensen, District Coordinator Phone: 732-946-1839

Christine Barbara – Village School Phone: 732-946-1820

Eileen Calvert – Indian Hill School Phone: 732-946-1045

James Bruce – W. R. Satz School Phone: 732-946-1808

Lori Vona – Holmdel High School Phone: 732-946-1832