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September 20, 2018

Dear HHS Community,

Hope all is well and unbelievable to think we are wrapping up our third week of the year!

During these first 10 school days, I could not be more proud of what we are seeing and hearing from this school community. In one of my early communications it was mentioned that Mrs. DeMarco, Mrs. Jablonski, Officer Martin, and I had the opportunity to visit with all students in their English classes. Since then I have had the chance to be a part of so much more that has added to that initial, amazing experience. I have had the opportunity to be engaged in math lessons, science experiments, band practice, and just today had the chance to sample some chicken wings during a culinary arts class. Our staff is doing an incredible job sharing their expertise in learning with our young people!

Our students are feeling more comfortable getting around the building at this point. Not only has it been great seeing them engaged in their classroom learning, but it has been awesome connecting with them in the hallways, commons, during arrival and dismissal, in clubs, and at sporting events. We have a student club fair taking place next Tuesday during Unit Lunch...all students are welcome to check it out. These wonderful opportunities give our young people valuable experiences at HHS!

Thank you to the parent group for welcoming the staff back with a wonderful Tea this afternoon. The PTSO does a nice job supporting the school in so many ways, and today was another example of a strong connection here at HHS. Please consider joining the PTSO if you haven't already, as well as supporting the great work the Holmdel Foundation for Educational Excellence, Holmdel Creative Arts Association, Holmdel Drug and Alcohol Alliance, and many others engage in to make this such a special community!

Thank you to all for a successful start! Thank you for keeping Holmdel High School spirit strong! Thank you for continuing to partner with us to do great things for this school community!

Brian Schillaci

  • Holmdel attire and/or blue and white for tomorrow (and every Friday)!
  • Keep an eye out this weekend for our Weekly Announcements (via email/on the website) to stay on top of what is coming up next week!

September 13, 2018

Dear HHS Families, Students, and Staff,

Hope all is well and don't forget tomorrow is another Holmdel attire and/or Holmdel blue and white day for students and staff!

Thank you to everyone for their patience, as we were getting our announcements back into action! Please check out the information below for plans, as we move forward with our Weekly Announcements...

  • Our wonderful HS staff will be populating a template through the week to include all pertinent information for items such as what days are upcoming (A,B,C,D), clubs, guidance department information, fundraising events, and much more. This information will encompass all that is scheduled to happen in the following week with these types of activities.
  • Once finalized on Friday, this information will be sent via email to families, students, and staff, as well as being posted on the HHS website under "Weekly Announcements". Please keep an eye out for this information being sent out via email by our wonderful Assistant Principals, Mrs. DeMarco and Mrs. Jablonski.
  • The Weekly Announcements will also be projected in the commons for student review throughout the week.

***Just to note, I also plan to continue my messages throughout the year. Those messages will continue to incorporate items that are a bit different from day to day operations such as 2020 updates, program changes, updates on student happenings, etc. These messages will also continue to be posted on the website under "Principal's Message".***

Thanks again for your patience as we have been getting this up and running...tomorrow should be the first shot! And thanks for continuing to partner with us to do great things for our school community!

Brian Schillaci

September 9, 2018

Dear Holmdel High School Community,

Hope all is well!

Reflecting on the first week of school, I cannot thank the community enough for an incredible start to the year! This week allowed me to meet with an amazing staff. Initial conversations have been great, and thrilled to hear all of the exciting things planned for our students. This week also gave me the opportunity to meet with our incredible young people. Mrs. DeMarco, Mrs. Jablonski, Officer Martin, and I visited each of approximately 50 classrooms this week to connect with all of our students. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces, and we truly appreciated them dealing with some of our corny jokes. :) This week also gave me the opportunity to connect with many, many of our families at Back to School Night. What a pleasure to see so many of our families out and about engaging with staff, and each other, discussing ways to make this a great year ahead!

In addition to these opportunities, I also had the chance to connect with many groups, teams, and the student advisory board, as well as being part of an incredible event yesterday where a large portion of our community gathered to benefit a great cause in remembrance of wonderful young man. It is these types of experiences that further support my belief that Holmdel, and the Holmdel HS community, is an incredible place to be. Thank you to all for such a great start with so much more to come!

Please check out below for reminders and some upcoming events...

  • Daily Announcements-Thank you to staff, students, and families who have shared their hopes for this to be maintained for the coming year! We will be gathering information in the coming week, and very happy to announce we will be getting that information back into place on our website beginning the week of September 17th!
  • Locks/Planners-If you are still interested, please stop by Mrs. DeDonato's office for purchases.
  • Senior Pictures-These will take place the week of September 24th. Senior parents will have information sent to them through the picture company...keep an eye out!
  • Underclassman Make-up Pictures-These will take place October 16th.

Best wishes for our staff and families celebrating the upcoming holiday! Thanks to all for continuing to partner with us to do great things for our school community!

Brian Schillaci


Amy Clark
Teacher of the Year

Colleen Beuthe
Education Services Professional of the Year