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STEAM Classes at IHS

STEAM Classes at IHS

Our STEAM Classes have started the year learning about the Engineering Design Process. Each grade had a special project, where they determined the needs and constraints of the project, brainstormed ideas, chose the best one to test, made several iterations to be successful and then communicated their results.

4th Graders were given 20 straws and 12" of tape to build the tallest freestanding tower possible.

5th Graders made a name tag that they can wear from the given supplies of an index card, paperclip, two chenille stems and 12" of yarn.

6th graders had to "Save Sam." Sam's boat capsized, his life vest is under the boat and he is on top of it. They had to get the boat right side up with Sam inside the boat and his life vest on. Yet, they could only touch everything with a paperclip!