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Gifted & Talented Genius Hour Projects

Gifted & Talented students explored the 6 P's of Genius Hour based on a topic of choice. They presented to their peers, in the media center, during the month of February. The topics researched were in the area of science, history, entertainment, sports, literature, technology, and world culture.

Passion: What do you want to learn about? What do you think is interesting? What can you get excited about?

Plan: Who will be your outside expert? What materials will you need to complete the project? What will you need to do each day to reach your goals?

Pitch: How will you share your idea with the class? How will you get us on board?

Project: It's time to dive in! What do you need to do today to move forward with your project? What are you creating, making, or designing?

Product: What did you create? What can you show us to demonstrate your learning?

Presentation: How do you plan to share your learning? Can you share your idea or project with others? What tools will you use to make your presentation engaging for the audience?