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Life Skills Room At Indian Hill

Thanks to The Holmdel Foundation of Educational Excellence (HFEE) the life skills room at Indian Hill has reached new heights! Students in the MD and LLD classrooms as well as students that receive speech and language therapy and/or occupational therapy have access to the room. Students work on a variety of task analysis activities including utilizing a register, implementing recipes, and setting a table. The goals of a Life Skills curriculum are to build self-confidence, encourage critical thinking, foster independence, generalize progress made in school to a functional setting, and help students to communicate more effectively.  Our Life Skills curriculum allows for a more inclusive setting for students to be successful with independent daily living skills.Utilizing the materials in the life skills room students have the opportunity to employ the necessary skills needed for everyday life. Life Skills provides an educational program that focuses on developing functional daily living skills that will help the students become more independent at home, school, community and workplace. Skills such as, making a recipe correctly, learning how to place an online order, mailing a package at the post office, understanding the steps to get a job, and so many more of these types of real world skills. Motivation and engagement are a key component of learning. By making learning meaningful, we can continue to make a difference in students’ lives for years to come.