Beginning with the Class of 2021, The Holmdel High School Career Concentration Pathway offers each high school student the opportunity to create their own individual, planned sequence of courses they wish to follow through their four year high school program.
    With the goal of developing a clear path to graduation and beyond, a self-designed series of classes, uniquely focused on your career target will prepare you for college, for a job you love, and a rewarding life. A program that culminates with a capstone project and an internship can expand upon knowledge you develop in classrooms to gain exposure and experience in professional environments while learning through involvement, interaction, and engagement. These opportunities will help you cultivate your capabilities, assess and solidify your career goals, and help you tune your choices for postsecondary work.
    Students may choose a Career Concentration at the end of their 9th Grade Year.


  • Planned Coursework

  • Internship Experience

  • Capstone Project


    1. Use your 9th grade year to decide what you love to do.
    2. Research what it takes to be who you want to be using the Naviance Career Builder that your Counselor will introduce you to when you meet during your 9th grade year,
    3. Talk with your parents.
    4. Check -in with your teachers.
    5. Use your 9th grade year to plan your individual pathway with your school counselor. Your counselor will discuss the program with you when you select courses for 10th grade.
    6. Review your path with your parents.
    7. Work hard. Work Smart
    8. Review your program each spring for course selections the following school year.
    9. Graduate with distinction.


    Much of the focused coursework within a Career Concentration will begin in your sophomore year. Your school counselor will assist you with your course selections and throughout high school with any needed revisions.