Every classroom in the district contains one or more multimedia computers with filtered Internet access.  There are multiple computer labs with 24-30 student stations.  Several labs serve a specific purpose, ranging from graphic art to world language.  Wireless access is available throughout each campus to serve both district-owned notebooks and those who choose to bring their own device.

    Holmdel Twp. Public School District maintains a network spread over three physical locations.  Schools are connected with gigabit Verizon business FiOS circuits.  Dedicated routing firewalls establish a VPN between each location.  

    The district has embraced the Google Classroom LMS, which connects instructors and students inside and outside of schools.  Staff also have remote access to published applications through a secure access gateway that shares a dedicated Internet circuit with our Powerschool student management system.

    William R. Satz School and Holmdel High School have both embraced Web 2.0 tools to reduce paper consumption and improve collaboration.  Google Docs has been adopted in classrooms and by the administration in order to achieve those objectives.

    Users Supported:
    500+ Faculty and Staff
    3,000 Students

    Internet Bandwidth:
    Verizon (4) Gigabit FiOS circuits
    Comcast secondary circuits

    Wireless Network (Wi-Fi):
    200+  802.11ac/ax wireless access points

    Server Environment:
    20 physical & 20 + virtual servers
    Windows Server 2019
    Secure Remote Access

    Filtering, Antivirus and Disaster Recovery:
    Mail and Self-Harm Filters
    Cloud Archival and e-Discovery
    CIPA compliant Internet filter
    Endpoint Virus & Malware Defense
    Backup with replication & deduplication

    Assistive Listening Devices
    Classroom sound field systems throughout

    Routing Firewalls and Switches:
    Dedicated Firewalls at each campus
    10/100/1000 Managed Network Switches

    Desktop Computers and Printers:
    1,730 Chromebooks – 1:1 in grades 6-12
    1,200+ Chromebooks in K-5 classroom carts
    900+ PCs & Notebooks
    145 managed iPads
    Apple iMacs in TV Studio editing lab
    Apple iMacs in Music Technology lab
    Classroom Printers in K-6
    High speed networked copier/printers

    PowerSchool Student Mgmt. & Registration Systems
    Follett Destiny Library System
    Horizon Food Services POS
    IEP Direct
    TransFinder routing
    Accounting/Personnel & Payroll
    Snap Health Center
    Security (Video & Access Control)
    HVAC Controls