Public control of public education is one of the cornerstones of a free society and people exercise that control through their local school Board of Education. Click below to learn more about the Holmdel Board of Education.

    Terence Wall

    Christian DiMare
    Vice President

    Dr. J. Scott Cascone

    Michael Petrizzo, CPA
    Business Administrator/Board Secretary

    Kyle Trent, Esq.
    Board Attorney

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  • 2022-2023 Board Goals

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        When questions or concerns arise, parents should first contact their child’s teacher. Most questions or concerns can be addressed at this level. However, if further resolution is required, then it is logical to communicate with someone at the next level. It is district policy that problems be pursued through the following channels and that each person will ensure that all previous levels have been contacted. The proper chain of command should be as follows:

        • Teacher
        • Counselor
        • Department Supervisor
          • Supervisor of Humanities (Language Arts/English, Social Studies, ESL)
          • Supervisor of Mathematics and Science
          • Supervisor of Gifted and Talented/Supplemental Programs
          • Supervisor of Technology, Engineering and Media Centers
          • Supervisor of Physical Education and Health
          • Supervisor of Special Education 
        • Assistant Principal
        • Principal
        • Director
        • Superintendent
        • Board of Education
        • Organizational Chart